Want Some Traditional Waukegan Garage Door Inspiration? This Is the Right Place

Want Some Traditional Waukegan Garage Door Inspiration? This Is the Right Place

Is your garage door looking a little worn out or unattractive? You have probably considered updating the look of your garage door, but perhaps the number of choices on the market seems overwhelming. Thankfully, classic or traditional garage doors never go out of fashion and suit many styles of homes.

What does a traditional Waukegan garage door look like? Keep reading as we cover more information on the traditional look and provide you with the inspiration you need to transform your garage.

What Is a Traditional Look?

The term traditional can mean many things, but essentially it is a combination of different design elements common in the region. An older definition of traditional homes refers to a style or design that was prominent in a particular culture.

These days, “traditional” is the most popular style of home in the US. These homes are mixes of classic elements pulled from homes of our past and also a touch of modern design.

Examples include bungalow homes, cottage-style, and single-story homes. In fact, some of the most common home styles in America include the bohemian craftsman, midcentury modern ranch, and modern farmhouse.

Ideas for Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional garage door design brings to mind that classic look of a garage, one that you probably grew up with and one you would like to replicate on your home. It might be a white or brown garage door with square or rectangular panels.

Our Gemini collection comes in many designs, including traditional, and you can choose your window design as well.

Of course, the style isn’t the only factor that makes a garage door traditional. You also want to consider material and color.


Real wood garage doors have a beautiful, rustic look, but they may not be your first thought when you consider traditional garage doors. Steel garage doors are more common on traditional homes, though wood is not unheard of.

Our Taurus series makes an excellent traditional garage door and comes in different design options and colors to suit your home.


If you are searching for garage door ideas, you have also probably considered the color.

The color of your garage door design has a big impact on how it looks and it boosts your curb appeal. White is a common, classic color that matches any home. If you need inspiration or advice, you can’t go wrong with a traditional white.

Other neutral and earthy colors that look great on traditional-style doors include gray, brown, and cream or beige tones.

Some homeowners also choose types of garage doors that they can paint to match the windows or trim.

Make the Most of Your Waukegan Garage Door

Traditional Waukegan garage doors have a warm and welcoming look that appeals to all kinds of homeowners. If you want to replicate this style, try one of our traditional garage door designs and go with a classic color like white.

Browse our selection of residential garage doors and reach out to us if you have any questions about design or installation.