A Complete Guide to Choosing a Residential Garage Door Color in Lake Forest

A Complete Guide to Choosing a Residential Garage Door Color in Lake Forest

Sometimes we look at our house and feel like something’s not right. Maybe it’s the hedges out front not being trimmed quite right. Maybe it’s the front porch looking a little clutter. Maybe the problem could be something we don’t think much about, our garage door color.

Most people don’t really think about the color of their residential garage door, but it is one thing that can help your Lake Forest house look great or stick out like a sore thumb.

If you want to update your home aesthetic, here are some tips to help you do it by updating your garage door.

House Location

When thinking about updating your garage door, you have to take into account your house’s location within the Lake Forest area, and also the styles of houses within that area as well.

You also want to think about the weather. Living in a sunny area could wash out lighter colors, but bolder colors would stand. If you live in a colder area, lighter colors will be fine.

The garage door styles will also need to be taken into consideration. You don’t want a traditional historic-looking garage door on a sleek modern-style house.

This is something even more businesses thinking about with their commercial garage door. They want something that looks good to their customers and is functional for their business.

Garage Door Material

There are many different garage door types. Wood garage doors do better with transparent or semi-transparent covering because the natural color will show through.

Steel doors can be painted with outdoor latex paint, but make sure to paint in dry conditions. You can also order new steel doors in different colors from the standard colors.

Aluminum doors need an oil-based primer put on them before painting. Many aluminum doors can be ordered in different colors also.

When painting vinyl garage doors, you want to make sure the paint is made to adhere to vinyl. Also, plan on painting several coats for the color to stick.

Garage Door Color

The best place to look for garage door color ideas is to look at your house. The matching garage door challenge is picking what color to match.

Many people match the garage door to the trim color of the house. Others pick a contrasting color to make it stand out.

If you have stone or brick, you could even have the garage door match one of the colors in them. This would give it a matching color and make it unique.

The Next Upgrade to Your Lake Forest Home

The next upgrade to your house could be as simple as a new garage door color or a brand new garage door.

Either way, we can help you make the right decision. Contact us and let us be your residential and commercial garage door experts.