Tips for Adding Windows to Your Garage Door

There are a lot of things you can add to your home to improve the look. Have you considered adding windows to your garage door?

Your personal preferences and needs might require some added glass to the garage, not to mention the other added benefits.

These tips can help you add those perfect windows to your garage door.


Most garage doors are divided into four sections. The placement of your windows in these sections determines what you prefer.

Homeowners who just want some natural light inside the garage will usually pick the top section. Windows in the middle section might need to be one-way glass so people can’t peer inside.

Almost any design can be placed on your garage door. It might be helpful to match your garage windows with the ones on your house to keep a nice aesthetic.

What’s the Brand of Your Garage Door?

Do you know the brand of your door? What are the model and age? Look for any possible owner’s manuals you might have for your current door.

There might be windows that are designed for the type of garage door you have.

Unless you’re going for a custom job, it will be easier and more affordable to use windows from the same manufacturer.

Type of Glass

Consider a few possibilities for the glass going in your garage. Different purposes will have different needs.

  • Clear
  • Tinted
  • Frosted

All three choices will allow light, but you get to choose how much.

When picking the glass, think about the purpose of your garage. Is it just to park vehicles? Are you planning to use it as a workshop or room?

If you plan to spend a lot of time out in the garage, insulated windows will help keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Non-insulated windows are perfect for someone who just needs natural light and doesn’t need to worry about privacy or climate control.

Check the Spring System

Whenever you replace materials in a moving door, the spring system needs to be checked and possibly recalibrated.

A good spring system should make a garage door movable with about five to eight pounds of force.

If you don’t recalibrate your spring system, the door could be too heavy or even unstable. Don’t cause unwanted injury or damage because a spring system wasn’t recalibrated to handle the extra weight.

Hire the Professionals

Even the most skilled DIY person should consider hiring a professional to install windows on a garage door.

Improper installation can result in a damaged door, broken windows, and a possible injury to you.

A professional can help you pick the best windows for your purpose and style.

Open the Door

Using windows to add nice visual appeal and sunlight to your garage is the perfect summer project.

Your garage door might become the curb appeal the neighbors covet.

If you’re ready to hire skilled professionals to install windows in your garage, contact us today. We can handle all your garage door needs.