Buying an Insulated Garage Door

The Department of Energy estimates that the average American household spends nearly $2,000 on heating and cooling.
Your garage door serves as the biggest entrance to your home, and thus if you’d like to see your energy bill change, you need to consider the quality of this door.

If you would like to see a big change, then it’s time to learn more about the value of an insulated garage door.

Why Should I Get an Insulated Garage Door? 

Insulated garage doors cost more, running $800 to $1,000 for a two-car garage door. An uninsulated garage door will cost significantly less at $550 to $650 with the installation. In the end, though, the insulated garage door will save you money and stress for a variety of reasons.

Energy Conservation

Your garage is most likely your home’s primary entrance, and it is certainly the largest exterior entrance in the home. Because of this, your garage door serves as the first line of defense to temperature maintenance.

An uninsulated door significantly affects the energy consumption in the garage, allowing heated air to creep out in the window, and making air conditioning in the summer virtually impossible.

However, an insulated garage door will keep your garage at a constant temperature, and ultimately save you hundreds of dollars in electricity and gas throughout the year.


An insulated garage door will dampen outdoor noise that threatens to pollute the calm atmosphere in your garage and home. It will also maximize your own sound in the garage, creating a less echoey atmosphere and giving you better acoustics. An insulated garage door will keep your inside sound in, and the outside sounds out

Plus, the door itself functions more quietly. Because insulated doors are typically more tightly constructed than other doors, they tend to make less noise. They do not have the loose material of an uninsulated door which causes it to clang and pop.

The weight of an insulated door makes it less likely to jolt or vibrate and make scary noises as it moves as well.

Increased Garage Use

Gone are the days when a garage just houses cars. Savvy homeowners turn their garages into she sheds, man caves, craft spots, band practice areas, home gyms, and studios for budding artists.

An insulated garage door will increase the garage use because it creates a quieter, temperate atmosphere. It’s also more stylish than the old fiberglass or steel doors.

So if you’re looking to turn your garage into the ultimate hangout spot, you must have an insulated garage door.


Because of their heavy construction, an insulated garage door will last longer than non-insulated doors. Yes, they cost more, but if you purchase an insulated garage door, you will have a bigger gap in time between purchasing doors.

This means you will have more time to enjoy and develop your space, and less time stressing out about replacing a critical part of your home.

Plus, an insulated garage door will increase the R-value of your home, thus increasing its value overall. The R-value refers to its thermal resistance, so an increased R-value means your home maintains its temperature, increasing its overall value.


Stylish, Warm, and Quiet

An insulated garage door will help you create a more modern space in your garage on the inside and a modern look at the outside. You’ll have a temperate space that keeps sounds where you want them.
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