The Danger of Handling Waukegan Garage Door Repair Yourself

The Danger of Handling Waukegan Garage Door Repair Yourself

You wake up in the morning and realize that you are late for work. You rush through getting ready, pour a cup of coffee into a travel mug, and leave breakfast behind because you don’t have time! You go to open your garage door and nothing happens.

At the worst possible time, your garage door won’t open. You need a Waukegan garage door repair.

You might be thinking that you can handle it on your own, but unless you have plenty of experience with garage door maintenance, this is a terrible idea. We’re here to talk about the dangers of DIY garage door repair. Read on to learn more.

You May Do It Wrong

The first (and arguably least serious) risk of DIY garage door maintenance is that you might waste your time and do it wrong altogether. You may think that you understand the mechanics of your garage door, but it’s more complicated than it looks.

You might even make it worse. It’s not difficult to rewire the door in such a way that you damage the door opener. You could also damage an essential piece of the garage door, causing you to spend a lot of extra money repairing or replacing it.

It may seem logical that you’ll spend less money if you don’t hire a garage door repair service, but this isn’t the case. If you do it wrong, you’ll spend money fixing your mistakes.

You Could Get Seriously Injured

On a more serious note, injuries from DIY garage door repairs are serious. If you don’t use a garage door repair company, you’re putting yourself at risk. Again, you’ll spend more money on medical bills than you would have if you just used garage door services.

Here are some examples of injuries that you could suffer if you tried to do DIY garage door repair.

Fall Injuries

When you’re working on your garage door, you’ll likely be up on a ladder. While modern ladders are safe for the most part, it’s still possible for you to fall and sustain an injury. There are over 164,000 emergency room visits from ladder falls alone!

You could sustain a broken bone, a serious head injury, sprains, and more.

Crushed Fingers

There are plenty of small spaces that you’ll be getting into with your hands if you try to repair your garage door alone. Every small space is an opportunity to crush your delicate fingers.

Springs and door tracks are the primary culprits when it comes to crushed fingers. In worse cases, you can even lose a finger.

Serious Lacerations

The metal coils in torsion springs are more dangerous than they look. If one unwinds when you’re working on it, you may end up with a serious cut or gash. This is going to be a one-way ticket to the emergency room.

DIY Waukegan Garage Door Repair Isn’t Worth the Risk

If you were thinking about trying to save money by handling your Waukegan garage door repair on your own, think again. Between the risk of making the problem worse and the risk of injury, it’s not unlikely that you’ll end up spending more money if you don’t go with a pro.

We want to help you. At Premier Door Corp, our experts can handle garage door installation and repair with ease. Contact us to get started today.