When to Call for Grayslake Commercial Garage Door Repairs

When to Call for Grayslake Commercial Garage Door Repairs

Your typical commercial garage door costs anywhere from $1,800 to $3,000 per bay. These doors are essential for any business where vehicles need to get in and out. They are even more vital for operations that repair vehicles or where shipping is a mainstay.

When considering commercial garage door repairs, many companies put off the fix until the entire door is shot and needs replacement.

The best thing to do is to make the repair at the first sign of trouble. Having a professional from Grayslake come out early will save on labor and the cost of parts in many cases.

On the other hand, when you continue to use a faulty garage door, you can acerbate the problem and cause more damage to the garage door opener, the track, and in some cases, the door itself.

In the following article, we’ll detail some trouble signs for commercial garage doors and when you should seek an immediate fix.

Misaligned Tracks

One of the most common problems with commercial vehicle bay doors is misaligned or damaged tracks. The tracks that run on either side of the door and up onto the ceiling of your garage guide your doors as they open and close.

These tracks can often get damaged when machinery backs into them, or the doors. Force applied in the wrong direction will cause the tracks to come out of alignment or twist. When a channel is severely twisted, the garage door will stick, and either won’t go up or down.

It’s unfortunate, but people trying to force the door through the twisted track have sometimes caused more damage to the system and, in some cases, ripped the track off its moorings with repeated force.

The best thing to do is call in a qualified technician to realign or replace the track before more damage occurs.

Rollers that Are Dirty, Damaged

Another crucial part of your commercial garage doors is their rollers. These parts allow the door to move smoothly along the tracks. Unfortunately, over time, especially when the doors are exposed to excess exhaust fumes or extreme temperatures, the rollers can get bound up with grit and grime.

The rollers will first start to squeak and protest. Later, as the gunk gets worse, the rollers will struggle to roll at all, and your doors will become harder and harder to move up and down.

Regular cleaning and lubrication of these rollers is a must. If the maintenance isn’t taken care of, you can find yourself replacing the rollers with a Grayslake professional.

Torsion Springs

You may think you can lift a garage door, but you can’t. The doors are many hundreds of pounds, and if you were forced to dead lift them without the help of torsion springs, you could get hurt.

Torsion springs counterbalance the door’s weight and make it possible for you to sling the doors up and down. However, if the springs fail while closed, opening the doors won’t be easy. If the spring fails or snaps while in use, the door could come crashing down.

You should listen for excessive squeaking from the springs to avoid these scenarios. Also, get the springs visually inspected for wear and cracks along with regular scheduled maintenance.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Experts in the Grayslake Area

While scheduling regular maintenance for your bay doors isn’t often your first priority, it can pay off over having to conduct a commercial garage door repair from a Grayslake technician¬†on the fly.

Scheduling maintenance or getting a quick repair is as easy as reaching out with an email or making a phone call, so don’t delay.

Do you need help with your garage doors? Contact us today to request service.