Solutions to a Squeaky Garage Door

Solutions to a squeaky garage door

While you’re never going to have a totally silent garage door, it shouldn’t sound like metal grinding and clanging every time you open and close the door, nor should it sound like a squeaky wheel. Not only is this annoying, but it could also signify that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

To learn more about why might have a squeaky garage door and what to do about it, check out these common problems and solutions. We’ve got everything you need to know to get your garage door squeaking to go away.

Reasons Your Door Might Be Squeaking 

Before you start tinkering around with your door, you need to do some investigating to see why it’s squeaking, as that will determine how to stop it. Reasons it might squeak include:

  • It’s out of alignment
  • The track is broken
  • There’s debris stuck in the track, rollers, chains, or frame
  • The chain is malfunctioning
  • The rollers are loose

How to Stop a Garage Door from Squeaking

Once you figure out what the issue seems to be, you can determine how to fix it. Some things can be handled on your own, such as debris removal or lubricating areas that are sticking, but there are other things that you should not attempt on your own.

Out of Alignment

This is one of those repairs that should not be attempted on your own. Call a certified garage door repair company for this fix, as it is unsafe to attempt this repair on your own.

Broken Track

The track must be clear and smooth for the door to travel properly without noise. If it is broken in any way or cracked, noise will happen as the door travels up and down.


If there are leaves, dead bugs, dirt, mud, or any other debris in your track, rollers, chains, or frame, clean them out so the door can run smoothly. You can use your hand or a broom to remove anything that’s stuck in there and clean it out.

Malfunctioning Chain 

If the chain is too loose or too tight, it could impact the function of the door. This is also a repair left to the pros, as garage doors are extremely heavy, and you shouldn’t try to repair certain things without the proper tools.

Loose or Damaged Rollers 

Loose or damaged rollers can cause squeaking noises as the metal on metal friction occurs. Rollers don’t last forever, every 10-20 years, so they likely need to be replaced. You can help keep them working properly by lubricating them regularly. Use WD-40 or get garage door lubricant or white lithium grease to lubricate them.

Squeaky Garage Doors No More

Keep your garage doors running smoothly (and quietly) by doing some preventative maintenance a few times a year and by knowing your limits. Malfunctioning garage doors can hinder your day-to-day activities (broken doors might mean you can’t get your car out), so don’t forget about them as something that needs regular maintenance and cleaning.

When it comes to something you can’t repair on your own, contact us at Premier Door Corp. We handle repairs and can install new garage doors when that time comes. If you can’t figure out why what to do about your squeaky garage door, we’ve got you covered.