How to Maintain Chain-Driven Garage Door Openers

How to Maintain Chain-Driven Garage Door Openers

Nothing feels like home more than pulling into your garage. Yet, when the largest moving part of your home is opened and closed several times a day, wear and tear will cause issues.

That’s why maintaining chain-driven garage door openers is so important. It not only protects your investment, but it also gives you safe and reliable access to your home.

To help keep your garage in top form, let’s look at how to maintain chain driven garage door openers.

Lubricate the Chain

When you have a chain-driven garage door opener, first and foremost it’s important to maintain the chain.

This means you need to keep it lubricated. At least twice a year, apply some WD-40 or machine oil to the chain drive. Make sure you don’t use an oil that will attract dust or contains solvents.

Oil keeps the chain traveling smoothly as the door opens and closes. It reduces the friction of metal on metal contact. A bonus side effect of this is the door will cause less noise.

Adjust the Chain Limit

Chain-driven garage door openers will naturally develop slack in the chain line over time. When this happens, it causes the garage door to close forcefully, and it will likely not open all the way up.

To prevent this, check for chain slack at least once a year. If you find slack, adjust it by using the limit screw found on the power unit. Simply turn the dial until the slack is gone, making sure you don’t pull it too tight.

Tighten Loose Hardware

Garage door openers that use a chain are notorious for causing vibrations. After a while, these vibrations will loosen its own hardware.

If left loose for too long, it could cause parts to fall and cause damage. It may even damage the chain itself.

A few times a year, take out a ladder and inspect all the nuts and bolts on your unit. If you find anything loose, tighten it up with a ratchet, wrench, or screwdriver.

Keep the Door Rails Greased

To reduce stress on your garage door opener, help move it along easily by keeping the door rails greased.

This lubrication helps the garage door move easily. The unit won’t have to strain as hard to open and close the door, which prolongs the life of your chain-driven garage door opener.

Grease the wheels and upper rails to keep them sliding properly. It’s also a good idea to make sure the bolts along the rail are tight and not obstructing the door’s path.

Clean the Light

One of the most forgotten parts of a garage door opener is the light itself. The light is important for keeping your garage bright and safe.

Every so often, remove the light cover to clean it, both inside and out. Also, clean around the light bulb area. Plus, always make sure you change your light bulb at least once a year.

Prolong the Life of Chain-Driven Garage Door Openers

Keep your garage door working for you for a long time to come. By knowing how to maintain chain-driven garage door openers, you will protect your investment and access into your home.

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