How Often Should a Lake Forest Garage Door Technician Service Your Garage Door?

How Often Should a Lake Forest Garage Door Technician Service Your Garage Door?

The National Association of Home Builders found that 72% of homebuyers want a garage. Many people want to protect their cars from the elements or an additional work (or storage) area.

Regardless of why homebuyers want a garage, the space is useless if the doors don’t function properly. Lake Forest Garage door maintenance is vital to home security and your family’s safety.

But how often must garage doors be serviced, and what should you do to care for your door in the meantime?

How Often Does Your Home Garage Door Need Servicing?

Ideally, you’d have a garage door technician service your door at least twice a year. Schedule these checks during the cold, snowy months and spring when the temperatures and moisture levels change.

You should keep in mind that “service” and “repair” aren’t the same. Routine servicing may involve small repairs but is often to keep objects in working order; the work is typically preventative.

Requiring serious garage door repairs may mean you’ve waited too long to call the technician.

Here are a few things you can expect a garage door technician to do for your doors:

  • Adjust spring tension
  • Lubricate parts of the door
  • Tighten nuts and bolts

Performing Your Garage Inspection

Severe repair jobs can also happen because of lapses in maintenance. You shouldn’t neglect inspections just because you’re getting professional servicing.

There are a few ways to examine your doors while waiting on your biannual garage door company visit. One piece of maintenance advice is to check if your windows’ glass is broken.

You should listen out for strange noises as well. Garage doors make noises, but a perfectly functional one sounds different from one that’s not. Snapping and screeching noises could mean the opener chain is loose.

Generally, anything that sounds different than standard noises (like clicks and whining) could be a reason for concern. Look out for gaps in and under your door also.

An improperly sealed garage door lets in the elements and reduces how effectively your home heats and cools itself. You can adjust door gaps by yourself, but a professional technician could do it easier.

The photo eye needs inspecting as well. Photo eyes are sensory mechanisms that keep garage doors from closing if children, pets, and objects are in the way.

You can ensure the photo eye works by placing a long item, like a broom, under the door while closing. A working photo eye will sense the broom and reverse the door.

All these tasks must be performed monthly to stay on top of your garage door maintenance.

Need a Lake Forest Garage Door Technician?

Call a garage door technician at least twice yearly to keep your doors in working order. Your garage is a vital part of your home, and it’s important to keep it secure.

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