Garage Door Keypad Not Working? Here’s What Could Be Wrong

Garage Door Keypad Not Working? Here's What Could Be Wrong

Around 53% of households in the U.S. have a garage. Yet, only 24% of people with garages park their cars in them.

Regardless of whether you park in yours, you want the door to open when you put the code in the keypad. But what do you do if your garage door keypad is not working?

What would cause this to happen?

Wrong Code

When a garage door keypad opener is not working, consider the code. For example, is there a chance you’re inputting the wrong numbers?

For example, you might have a keypad on your front door, which might be different than your garage keypad. If so, you might input your front door code instead of the garage door code.

If this is the problem, you can solve the issue instantly by putting in the correct code.

Bad Battery

You might move on to replacing the battery as you troubleshoot a garage door keypad opener. Garage door keypads contain one battery, which is typically a 9-volt.

As with anything, a battery wears out. When this occurs, your keypad won’t work.


How do you fix a garage door opener if you replace the battery and it still won’t work? One option is to reprogram it.

A garage door keypad can become deprogrammed for several reasons. When this occurs, the keypad won’t recognize your unique code. Therefore, you might have to reprogram it for it to work.

Bad Wires

You might need to check the wires if you want to learn how to fix a garage door keypad that isn’t working even after trying the methods described already.

The keypad has wires running to the garage door opener. If the wires disconnect or wear out, your keypad will stop working. You must fix or replace the wires if this is the problem.

You can test the wiring with a multimeter if you have one.

Worn-Out Keypad

A worn-out keypad is another one of the top reasons why your garage door keypad is not working. A keypad contains buttons with numbers. These buttons might wear out or stick.

If this occurs, replacing the keypad is the only solution.

Broken Garage Door

Some homeowners also discover the problem is not with the keypad. Instead, the problem is a broken garage door.

For example, does your garage door have a broken spring? Is your garage door bent or damaged?

When you have a broken garage door, the door itself might be the issue. You’ll need to hire a garage door company if this is the case.

Get Help When Your Garage Door Keypad Is Not Working

You’ll likely need help if your garage door keypad is not working unless you can fix it yourself. You can try the options listed here, but you’ll need to call a garage door company if you still can’t get it to work.

Contact us at Premier Door Corp. We can fix or replace your garage door or keypad, depending on the problem.