Can You Open Your Garage Door With a Broken Spring?

Can You Open Your Garage Door With a Broken Spring?

According to insurance company Clearsurance, there were 24,534 hospital admissions in 2020 related to home improvement repairs alone. That’s why calling a professional, like the experienced installers at Premier Door Corp, is always a good idea!

Do you suspect your garage door may need repairing? If you think your garage door may have a broken spring, you’re probably also wondering if it’s still safe to open or use it.

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Signs That Your Garage Door Has a Broken Spring

If you think you have a broken garage door, but you’re unsure, there are signs you can look for to help you decide.

A garage door with broken spring issues may be harder to open. It may, in some cases, not open at all.

The first thing you should do when your garage door acts abnormally is to check it for any signs of damage. Stand inside your garage with the door closed and look over all the different parts of it.

Check the springs for any signs of wear or separation. Also check any sensors, tracks, hinges, rollers, and panels.

Look at the length of the springs and keep an eye out for areas that look stretched out or elongated. If you see signs of this, it may mean the springs have lost tension.

If you’re able to, try to open your door manually. Listen for any unusual sounds while the door moves. If it is hard to open or doesn’t stay up once you have lifted it all the way, it may be broken.

If you don’t feel comfortable assessing your garage door damage, you can always call a professional. The professionals at Premier Door Corp can always assess your residential or commercial door for you.

Why It May Be Time for Garage Door Repair Services

If your garage door is broken, is it still safe to use it? A garage door with broken spring issues may not seem like a big deal. But it may affect your daily life more than you think.

For one, attempting to open your garage door may be dangerous. It may fall on you or you could injure yourself since it’s harder than usual to open. You can also make the damage to your door worse if you continue to use it.

Instead of googling “should I open garage door with broken spring?” let our professional installers assess whether you need a garage door repair service.

Not only will professional repair fix the issue and keep you safe, but keeping your garage door in top shape gives you a 98.3% return on investment.

Premier Door Corp provides the best garage door installation and repairs in North East Illinois, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Garage Door Repair and More

Now you know all about how to tell if your garage door has a broken spring and why it’s a good idea to repair it. But a garage door repair doesn’t have to be stressful!

Premier Door Corp’s professionals are available for all your garage door repair needs. Contact us to request an estimate today!