Do You Need a Libertyville Insulated Garage Door?

Do You Need a Libertyville Insulated Garage Door?

Garage updates are some of the best investments you can make in your home. Replacing the door yields a 94% ROI.

The best type of garage renovation relates to an area you may not expect; the door. It’s crucial because it’s the place where visitors, sound, and hot and cold air enter and exit.

A Libertyville insulated garage door is one of the best options for keeping the area inside comfortable and increasing the overall value of your home. Knowing whether or not you need one involves a quick look at your situation.

Read on for the questions to ask yourself if you’re considering an insulated garage door.

Are Your Energy Bills Too High?

An insulated garage door costs $800-$1,000 compared to $550-$650 for an non insulated door, but the amount you’ll save on your energy bills makes the investment worthwhile.

Most garage doors are used as a primary entrance into the home, and this makes them a frequent exit point for both hot and cool air.

Insulating the door keeps air in and helps maintain a constant temperature. Your electricity and heating and cooling systems won’t have to work so hard, leading to significant savings.

Do You Use Your Garage Often?

At least 63% of houses have a garage, but not all of them use it as an additional living space. If you’re planning on doing so, choose the door carefully.

A Libertyville insulated garage keeps out the weather from outside while also blocking the sound. The components are quieter with fewer annoying mechanical sounds. All of these factors create a better interior environment.

Do You Have Valuables In Your Garage?

Cars are liable to damage from cold weather such as:

  • Dead batteries
  • Thickened transmission and engine or brake fluid
  • Low tire pressure
  • Spark plug and wiring damage

An insulated garage door is the first line of defense for your beloved vehicle. It can also prevent similar issues for other valuable items you’ve stored in the garage, such as bikes or motorcycles.

Do You Need a Long-Lasting Option?

Cold weather damages valuables and wreaks havoc on your garage door. A few of the many issues it can cause include:

  • Thick or hardened grease
  • Swollen frames
  • Water damage
  • Broken springs

An insulated garage door is better able to stand up to these issues and will last much longer.

Are You Planning On Selling Your Home Soon?

You may consider a garage renovation before selling your home to increase its value. Before updating the inside, start with the door.

An insulated garage door increases the R-value of your home. This rating refers to its overall thermal resistance or ability to regulate temperature.

A higher R-value means a higher home value and a better selling price. You can enjoy the benefits of an insulated garage door at any time, but the months before selling your home are a great time to add one.

Where Will You Buy a Libertyville Insulated Garage Door?

Garages are used for everything from a place to store vehicles to extra living areas. They need to be protected from the elements, and it all starts at the entrance.

An insulated garage door is durable, increases home value, regulates temperature, blocks outside noise, and protects any valuables inside. It’s more expensive than the traditional options but worth the investment.

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