Why Your Garage Door May Not Be Working: Advice from a Wadsworth Garage Door Repair Expert

Why Your Garage Door May Not Be Working

What’s the first thing you think when something in your Wadsworth house stops working? Wondering about the cost is a pretty normal response, especially if it’s something big.

Your garage door breaking to the point where it won’t open definitely qualifies as something big. However, if your garage door is not opening, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in for huge garage door repair costs.

Garage doors stop opening for a variety of reasons, and not all of them require expensive repairs. Some garage door issues are expensive, however, and you can learn which ones to look out for.

Look at the Tracks if Your Garage Door is Not Opening

When you press a button to open your garage door, cables pull the door up along tracks near the ceiling of your garage. If you notice the garage door not working, or opening in a slow, jerky fashion, your garage door issues could be caused by track misalignment.

The good news is this issue is pretty easy to solve yourself. All you have to do is check the track and move it back into place if you notice that it’s misaligned. You may have to remove a few screws first.

Examine the Springs of Your Garage Door in Wadsworth

Unless you’ve carefully examined the mechanics of your garage door, you probably didn’t know that it has four springs that help the door move up and down. These springs can break down over time and this breakdown can lead to your garage door not opening.

If you click the button to open your garage door and hear a whirring sound from the motor without seeing any movement from the door, you likely have broken springs. Fixing these types of mechanical garage door problems requires a garage door professional.

Garage Door Issues Can Be Caused by Your Remote

When a garage door won’t open, sometimes the issue may have nothing to do with the garage door itself. This issue only applies to certain types of garage doors. If you have an automatic garage door, you probably also have a remote or button on the wall that tells the door to open or close.

Be sure to check the batteries in your remote or double-check the wiring around the garage door opener button on the wall. Changing a battery is simple enough, but for wiring issues, you may have to call a professional garage door repair service.

It is Possible to Get Your Garage Door Fixed Quickly in Wadsworth

If you’re at your wit’s end because your garage door is not opening, don’t worry. All you have to do is call a garage door repair specialist in the Wadsworth area who can identify the problem and get it fixed. To learn more about getting your garage door fixed, contact the professionals at Premier Door Corp.