Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional For Your Garage Door Spring Replacement

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional For Your Garage Door Spring Replacement

Many Americans take pride in having a do-it-yourself attitude, tackling home improvement tasks both indoors and outdoors. While this is certainly a commendable attitude to have, there are times when it is better to call a professional. In fact, almost 80% of homeowners in the United States say they have a minor or major mistake during a DIY project.

In the case of garage door spring replacements, even a minor mistake can prove very dangerous. In this blog post, we will highlight why you should always opt for professional help when your garage door spring needs replacing.

What Is a Garage Door Spring?

Garage doors are made up of a number of different parts, all of which work in unison. One of the most important of these is the spring, which allows the door to be opened and closed smoothly.

There are different types of garage door springs, including extension springs (like open-looped and double-looped) and torsion springs (like standard, early-set, steel rolling-door, and torque-master).

Typical garage doors can weigh upwards of 150 lbs. Metal doors can be even heavier. The spring is designed to store mechanical energy, which tightens when the garage door is closed and unwinds when it is opened.

Professional Garage Door Spring Replacement

Given the amount of tension that springs are under, they will eventually wear out and require replacing. As noted, this is one of the times when a professional should be hired, as DIY efforts can be dangerous and a safety hazard.

An inexperienced person may end up putting too much tension on springs during replacement. This can cause them to break free from their mounts. With garage door spring replacement, the potential for an accident is not worth the risk.

A professional will also have access to necessary equipment that regular homeowners likely would not have. For example, equipment such as torque wrenches and winding bars. These are used to ensure that springs are correctly tensioned and will not become loose during replacement.

It is easy to make a mistake if you do not have access to these items of equipment. The bottom line is that is always recommended to hire a professional over attempting DIY when it comes to garage door spring replacement, particularly on safety grounds.

Hiring A Professional For Your Garage Door Spring Replacement

Due to the tension under which a garage door spring operates, professional replacement is the best decision. In the Lake & Kenosha counties, your best choice for professional garage door spring replacement is Premier Door Corp. We specialize in garage door maintenance and installation for both residential and commercial customers.

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