What You Need to Know Before Buying a Lake Forest Residential Garage Door Opener

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Do you find yourself mashing on your garage door opener over and over again until the garage door responds? Do you find that the sound of the garage door opening wakes up everyone in the house?

It might be time to consider purchasing a new garage door opener. From helping you remember to close the garage when you leave to near-silent operation, new garage door openers can benefit your life in unexpected ways.

Below is our garage door opener buying guide to help get you started.

Types of Garage Door Opener Systems

It first helps to know the kinds of systems out there that you can choose from. If you want that you’re constantly looking up garage door maintenance tips, some of these systems are more durable than others. Here are the most common ones.


These are the most affordable, as well as the most common, kind of garage door openers. The main issue is that they’re noisier than the others, and it’s most likely the kind that you have now. Although they require regular maintenance, do it yourself garage door maintenance is usually enough.


Instead of a chain, belt-driven garage door openers use belts to open and close the garage. This makes it significantly less noisy. The reduced vibration also means that it won’t require as much garage door maintenance services as chain-driven systems. However, these systems also cost slightly more than chain-driven systems.


If you’re looking for the quietest door possible, screw-driven garage door openers are your best option. These are the quietest of the bunch because they have fewer moving parts. Instead of a pulley system, a threaded steel rod ravels and unravels in order to let the door up and down.

Screw-driven openers are fast as well, but they’re not able to lift as much weight.


Wall-mounted garage door openers are by far the most expensive. Since they’re mounted near the side of the door, they take up far less space. They’re also capable of lifting more weight than screw-driven systems and are fairly quiet.

Extra Features

Deciding on the kind of system you want is the biggest decision. Once you find a system you like, your next step is to determine the horsepower you need. Wooden doors are usually the heaviest and require the maximum amount of horsepower. On the other hand, smaller garage doors could use 1/3 horsepower.

You can also decide whether you want a smart device that’s able to communicate with your smartphone. For instance, if you find that you lose your garage remote control often, an app on a phone could be a better solution. You can also program your garage door to shut automatically after a certain amount of time.

Your Lake Forest Residential Garage Door Opener Buying Guide: The First Step 

The best garage door maintenance company will act as your partner when it comes to purchasing or upgrading your garage door. Consider your own lifestyle and needs when it comes to choosing a new system. For instance, if you’re looking for a quieter and fairly affordable system, a belt-driven garage door opener may be right for you.

By reading this garage door opener buying guide, you’ve completed the first step to upgrading your Lake Forest garage. Ready to take the next step? Request a free estimate from us today.