What to Do if Your Libertyville Garage Door Gets off Track

What to Do if Your Libertyville Garage Door Gets off Track

You expect your garage door to work automatically, but if it’s off its track your car might be stranded in the garage until you get it repaired. This may be something you can fix yourself, but some will feel more comfortable letting a professional help them with this heavy piece of machinery.

Read on to learn what can knock your Libertyville garage door off track and how to fix the problem.

Why Does a Garage Door Come Off-track?

Garage door rollers come off their tracks for a number of reasons. You can help prevent the issue from occurring in the future by keeping an eye out for these common causes.

Lack of Lubrication

Due to the amount of friction between your garage door rollers and the track, the track needs the proper amount of lubrication to operate properly. Without sufficient lubrication, rollers can jam and force their way off the track.

The Track is Dirty

Garage doors can’t function properly if the track is covered in dirt, dust, and debris. That grime will eventually jam your garage door’s rollers.

The Track is Loose

Over time, the force of repeatedly opening and closing a garage door can cause the tracks to loosen. This also may occur if your garage door system wasn’t installed properly.

If the track is loose, it won’t be properly aligned. This leads to rollers leaving the track.

Damage to the Garage Door System

Blunt force, like accidentally bumping your garage door with your car, can seriously damage your garage door system. The impact itself may knock the door off-track or cause the track to bend and warp.

How to Fix an Off-track Garage Door in Libertyville

Garage doors are heavy and attempting to fix a broken garage door on your own is never a good idea. You’ll need another pair of helping hands, but you’re better off calling a professional.

Before you or the technician can attempt to get the rollers back on track, you’ll need to figure out what caused the issue in the first place. If the track is damaged, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fix it yourself, and trying to do so could be dangerous.

Once the cause is determined, the technician will need to cut the power to the garage door and engage manual operation.

Then, they slowly open the door until they reach the area where the rollers left the track. Vice grips hold it into place. The track can be pried open with pliers so the rollers slide back into alignment. With the rollers in place, the technician uses a rubber mallet to reshape the track.

Finally, they’ll test the door in manual operation mode before reconnecting the power.

Garage Door Off Track? Call a Pro

A number of things can push your garage door off track, and fixing it yourself can be a daunting task. Fortunately, a professional can get it working again in short order.

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