Ways to Prevent Libertyville Garage Break-Ins

Ways to Prevent Libertyville Garage Break-Ins

According to FBI data, a burglary occurs in the US roughly every thirty seconds. While most burglars enter from a door or window, they also often break into the garage.

Are you worried about garage break-ins in Libertyville? Make sure you take the following steps to protect your garage and your valuables.

Do not Leave Your Garage Door Opener Within Sight

Many people make the mistake of leaving their garage door opener clipped to a sun visor or stored somewhere visible. If thieves break into your car, they will look in common places for the remote, such as the glove compartment.

Bring your garage door opener inside or keep it somewhere out of sight if you leave it in the vehicle. Mini remotes can be attached to your key ring, while some garage doors can be opened with a smartphone.

Keep the Garage Closed

It should be a habit by now to keep the garage door closed, and if it is not, you should make it one. You may not think it’s a big deal to keep the garage open, especially if you are just visiting a neighbor for a moment, letting your kids play outside, or working in the yard. But if you don’t have eyes on your garage, thieves can slip inside and steal your valuables.

It’s also possible that you forget to close the garage door for whatever reason, such as while running errands. These are all opportunities for burglars to break into your garage. Even if no one breaks into your garage immediately, it’s a chance for thieves to see what you keep stored there.

Repair a Damaged Door

A damaged garage door is more than an eyesore; it’s also dangerous. Damaged panels and crooked doors can make it easier for thieves to break in.

You can’t afford to neglect garage maintenance and repair. After all, 9% of burglars use the garage as an access point.

Signs of a broken garage door include damaged panels, sagging, trouble opening or closing, and noise when you open it. It’s important not to ignore these problems.

Get your garage door fixed as soon as possible, and your home won’t look like such a target to thieves.

Replace Your Garage Door

If you have an older garage door, you might want to upgrade to a sturdier and safer type. For instance, upgrading to a steel door is excellent for securing a garage door from burglary.

You might also want to replace your garage service door as well. Upgrading to a steel door or investing in a garage door security bar can help.

Prevent Libertyville Garage Break-Ins

Make sure to follow these simple and effective tips if you want to prevent garage break-ins. Many of these tips are habits you should adopt to keep your Libertyville garage and your home safe.

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