Tips for Organizing Your Garage Quickly

Organize Your Garage

Is your garage so cluttered you can’t even think of parking a car inside it? It’s not just you. It turns out that’s true for about 25% of garages.

Of course, the other 75% of garages don’t necessarily sparkle, and you can still find your garage space so overstuffed you can’t find anything in it. Unlike so many of life’s problems, you can solve this one.

Let’s go over some awesome tips that will help you organize your garage quickly.

Sort the Garbage from the Good

Sorting is the first step in de-cluttering any space. You can create as many piles as you need, but you need three piles at a minimum. A few common choices include:

  • Keep
  • Throw away
  • Donate

Remember that you can donate old clothes and tools that are clean and in good working order. You can even get a tax deduction for donations to Goodwill.

Once the trash and donations go away, you end up with a much more manageable amount of property in the garage.


Most people’s first choice for organizing is shelving. It sits up against your walls and leaves space for a vehicle or two in the garage. Not to mention that utilizing vertical space is the best way to make the most out of a space.

You can elect for plastic, wood, or metal shelving. Metal shelving is a popular choice because it’s available in most home improvement stores. It’s also fairly easy to assemble.

One thing to watch out for is the weight or duty rating. If you plan on storing heavy tools or auto parts, look for heavy-duty shelving or shelves rated for a couple hundred pounds.


Once you get the shelving installed, you face a choice. Pile objects and boxes on the shelves, or take organizing to the next level with bins.

You can get inexpensive plastic bins that let your separate belongings into general or specific categories. You might use a large bin for holiday decoration storage, while smaller bins can hold screws, nails, or paint brushes.

Overhead Storage

For items you only expect to use every few years, you can also opt for overhead storage. Overhead storage racks hang over the parking space. Racks range in size from around four feet wide by four feet long to four feet wide by eight feet long.

If you do go in for overhead storage though, make sure that the rack won’t interfere with your garage door track.

Parting Thoughts on How to Organize Your Garage Quickly

It’s possible to organize your garage quickly. It just takes a little prep.

You must sort through your belongings. Some things you’ll keep. Other things will go straight into the trash, or off for donation.

In terms of storage, most people elect for shelves along the walls or a ceiling storage rack. Just watch out for garage door tracks when installing that overhead storage.

Plastic bins will help you take that pile of things you keep and make it easier to find what you want in the future.

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