The Pros and Cons for Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden Residential Garage Doors

The first garage doors worked like barn doors. This is because as people bought cars, they needed a place to store them. So naturally, they turned to their carriage house.

Soon the cars replaced the horses for everyone, and barn doors became wooden garage doors nationwide. The word garage actually comes from the French word garer, which means to protect.

So how about adding a piece of history to your home with a wooden garage door? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Pro: Aesthetics 

Wood garage doors have a timeless traditional beauty to them. They can be painted or stained to compliment your home’s aesthetic.

Con: Maintenance 

Wooden garage doors do require a bit of regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. You need to inspect them regularly to make sure it hasn’t rotted.

Then you’ll need to sand and refinish the door. This should be done yearly.

Pro: Durable

Steel doors are a thin sheet of metal. So, when you bang them too hard, you’ll scratch or dent them.

This doesn’t happen with wooden garage doors. The wood absorbs the impact. At most, you’ll need to touch up the paint or finish.

Con: Insulation

Wood is naturally more insulating than steel, but steel doors are more effective insulators because you can line them with insulation. This makes wood doors less energy efficient.

Some newer models of wood doors do offer insulation options. These doors tend to use a wood overlay instead of being made of solid wood.

Pro: Customizable

It is much easier to customize your wood garage door than a steel door. First, you have a lot more option when ordering your wood door.

Then you can change the look of your door by painting it or sanding it down and staining it. When you stain it, you bring out the natural grain of the wood. Then no two doors are alike

Con: Heavy

Let’s face it; wood garage doors can be heavy. Wood is not a light material.

This might not be a big deal if your door is motorized, just keep in mind that extra weight will put a lot more strain on the motor.

Pro: Eco-Friendly

Wood is a renewable resource, while steel is not. So, wood garage doors are more eco-friendly than their steel counterparts.

Con: Cost 

Prepare to pay more for your wood garage door, but with proper care, your wood door will last a lot longer than metal doors.

So, while the upfront cost can be a deterrent, the long term savings should make this option attractive.

Select Your Wooden Garage Doors

If you want a garage door that inspires timeless elegance, then consider wood for your next garage door. These doors might be a bit more of investment up front, but they will provide many years of great looks with solid durability.

Wooden garage doors do require some maintenance, but they are well worth the effort for the unique look they give your home.

Let us help you select your wood garage door today.