The Benefits of Sealing a Waukegan Garage Door

The Benefits of Sealing a Waukegan Garage Door

Garages are great gateways to comfort! 92% of new homes built in 2019 had garages attached to them or built alongside them. Some homeowners spend hours every week in their garages.

If you own a new garage, you may think that you don’t need to fix it up. In reality, you need to make improvements so your garage doesn’t get damaged or uncomfortable. An easy improvement you can make is sealing a garage door.

What are the benefits of sealing a garage? How does it help with energy efficiency, weather conditions, and pest control? Who can help you with your garage door seal?


Heat often escapes through the gaps between a garage door and its frame. Strips can keep warm air inside your garage, keeping the interior comfortable. They can help you decrease your energy bills and fuel expenses, as you do not have to use as much electricity or propane to keep your interior warm.

Find weather strips that will not conduct heat. In addition to sealing a garage door, you need to add weather sealing to your garage windows.

Extreme Weather

Waukegan experiences an average of more than one week of rainy days in December, January, and February. Even one inch of rain or snow can damage your garage door or the interior of your garage.

Weather strips are designed to resist all weather conditions, including hail. Add the strips to all parts of your garage door, and make sure that they don’t absorb water or collect condensation.

Pest Control

Bugs, mice, and other pests can slip through your garage door. They can build nests in the corners and crannies of the interior and spread germs throughout the space.

Weather strips can make it harder for them to get inside. You can also install PVC molding, which contains a thick plastic that is hard for mice and biting pests to eat through.

Garage Door Support

Many people damage their garage doors by slamming them shut or moving them at an angle. Your garage door seals provide more support to your doors so you can lower them and move them in a straight line.

You should still be careful with moving your garage door. Grab the handles and move the door up and down while keeping an eye on the door rollers.

If they seem broken, you need to fix them before you shut or open the door. You can order garage door repair services if you find fixing a garage door hard.

Why You Should Consider Sealing Your Waukegan Garage Door

Sealing a garage door is far more beneficial than you can imagine. It can insulate your garage and let you save money on your heating expenses. It can protect your garage from the elements and from pests.

You should find seals with thick materials that are hard to wear down or damage. You should also arrange your seals so they protect your door when you open and close it. Talk to garage door installation experts who can add seals.

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