Ten Signs You Should Invest in a New Garage Door

Ten Signs You Should Invest in a New Garage Door

Your garage door is probably not the first thing on your mind each day. That is, until you hear that horrible rattling sound in the morning as you pull out.

So how do you know when it’s past time for repairs and time to invest in a new garage door?

We’ve got you covered with this list of ten simple signs it’s definitely time to get a new garage door.

1. Dents

Is your door warped or even slightly dented? You might think it is only an issue of appearances and nothing worth buying a new garage door for.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Warping or dents in your door can lead to security issues as your door becomes easier to break into.

Dents and warped garage doors can also rust much easier. If you wait too long before replacing a dented door, it can become very challenging, and even dangerous, to remove.

2.Loud Noises

If your door is making loud noises, you might be able to get away with just replacing the motor. However, if you’re still using an older model, or your door runs on a pulley, it’s time to upgrade with a new door.

3. Slow to Open

Some recommend only replacing the motor if your door is opening slower. However, a slowing motor is usually a good indicator that your door is on its way out too.

4. Water Leakage

If water is coming in through the door, it could be a problem with your door’s structure. If this is the case, replacing the door is the best way to prevent future water damage.

5. High Energy Bills

Plain and simple: newer garage doors are more energy efficient. If you’re looking for a good way to cut some energy costs, get a more efficient garage door.

6. Child Safety

Garage door accidents are sadly quite common. If you have an older model, your garage door may not be equipped with child safety features.

These protect your little ones, or even pets, from getting caught beneath a closing door. If your current door isn’t equipped with these vital safety sensors, it’s worth the investment to get a new door installed.

7. Hanging Wires

Loose wires or chords dangling from your door can be a serious safety issue. Typically, they indicate that the door’s pulley system is flawed. It’s less hassle and cost in the long run to replace the door.

8. Poor Sealing

If you have a wooden garage door, sealing is more of an issue. Sometimes the bottom of the doors can become warped over time, leaving open space near the ground.

Prevent drafts, bugs, pests, and other intruders with an updated door.

9. Curb Appeal

Let’s get real, sometimes you just need to update the look of your home.

Your garage door is often the first thing people notice about your house, what image is your door presenting?

10. Failure to Function

If you have an older door that doesn’t function properly, and it’s put you through multiple repair expenses already, it’s time for a new one.

How to Choose a New Garage Door

Safety, functionality, aesthetics? Whatever the reason, if you realize it’s serious time you get a new garage door, we’re here to help.

Let us give you an estimate on commercial or residential door installation and repairs today!