Six Tips to Keep Your Garage Safe

Six tips to keep your garage safe

Is home safety important to you? If so, then you certainly aren’t alone.

In fact, every homeowner should work hard to protect themselves and their families from accidents and intruders.

One of the areas of the house that offers the greatest potential for a break-in is the garage. Fortunately, we are here to help you keep your garage as safe as possible.

This article takes a look at tips to keep your garage safe from intruders. Get the inside scoop on garage safety and home security tips.

  1. Update Your Landscaping

Believe it or not, one of the best things you can do to make your home more secure is to update the landscaping around your house. Thieves love a good place to hide before breaking in. Landscaping features such as trees, bushes, and hedges provide ideal cover for anyone wanting to be concealed from view until the coast is clear.

The key is to remove any major landscaping that makes it difficult to clearly see everything happening around your home. At the very least, keep tree branches, bushes, and hedges properly trimmed to increase visibility, especially after dark when it’s easy to hide.

When it comes to your garage, make sure it’s impossible to hide from view while the door is opening or closing. This will make it more difficult for an intruder to quickly slip inside during those moments when the door isn’t closed.

  1. Make it Hard to See Inside Your Garage from the Outside

Many people enjoy having small windows built into their garage door. This allows natural light to stream in and enables you to keep an eye on things outside. However, it also enables outside eyes to peer into your garage. Intruders can also break out the glass to access the lock or door opener.

This is a significant reason to think long and hard about whether to purchase a garage door with windows or to replace your current door with a new windowless door.

  1. Install Motion-Activated Lights

One of the most effective, yet inexpensive garage safety tips, is to install motion-activated exterior lights. This type of light is easy to install and is only activated when motion is detected. It will then automatically turn off once the movement is out of range of the sensor.

  1. Install a Garage Door Alarm

You should also consider investing in a garage door alarm. This is a great way to be alerted when someone attempts to force the garage door open.

  1. Replace Your Garage Door

It’s also a good idea to replace your old door with a new high-quality one that can provide maximum security. This is a minor investment that can help make your home far safer.

  1. Keychain Remote

Many people have discovered the safety and convenience of keeping their door opener remote on their keychain rather than on the visor of their car. This prevents thieves from being able to steal the door opener from the car while it’s parked outside.

A Homeowner’s Guide on How to Keep Your Garage Safe Throughout the Year

Protecting your family should be your top priority. Fortunately, these tips will help keep your garage safe so that you can sleep a little better at night.

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