Security Tips for Your Commercial Garage Door

Security Tips for Your Commercial Garage Door

Would you leave your warehouse garage door open, allowing theft to occur with ease? Of course not.

That’s why warehouse garage doors are closed after hours. However, what if closing a garage door isn’t enough to keep burglars out?

Commercial garage door security is essential for protecting commercial goods and products. Yet additional security measures often go overlooked.

There are simple and effective precautions to take that will allow you to prevent theft and keep your assets where they belong, securely locked up. Here are some ways you can keep your commercial garage doors safe and secure, all day long. 

Extend Your Garage Door Security

You probably have cameras and motion detectors throughout your warehouse, all designed to trigger an alarm should a break-in occur. Make sure your garage doors are included in these security measures.

See if your alarm company can install motion detectors on your garage doors, or security cameras to alert you in the event that someone tries to break in. An alarm will sound, warding off intruders and alerting the local police department.

Restrict Visibility

It’s always best to keep contents behind your garage walls a secret. It’s not uncommon for burglaries to case a building while planning their theft. Restrict visibility into your garage in order to prevent theft.

Consider installing timers so your garage closes on its own. Cover windows when possible.

Make Sure to Inspect

Just like you have quality control within your warehouse, your garage door needs inspection. It’s not uncommon for garage doors to experience damage from forklifts and other warehouse accidents.

Unfortunately, this kind of damage can cause dents, cracks, and gaps allowing theft to occur. Conduct frequent inspections of your garage doors, looking for potential issues that would allow a burglar to enter.

Small changes such as routine inspection can save you big in the long run, and not add you to the $15.6 billion in property crime losses.

Use Padlocks

Commercial garage doors may seem impenetrable, but skilled burglars know the ins and out of propping them up with things like crowbars and other items. Invest in a padlock in order to protect yourself from potential theft.

Garage door security locks are an inexpensive investment that can save you big in the long run.

Rolling Code Technology

When was your garage door installed? If it was before 1999, you may want to invest in a rolling code garage door opener.

In a nutshell, rolling code garage door openers generate a new code every time you activate your remote control. This prevents burglars from using code-cracking devices to gain entry.

Since the code is unique with each use, someone who may have previously gained access to an old code will find it completely useless.

Durability You Can Rely On

Property theft can be devastating to a business, but it can also be avoidable. Implement these tips and tricks and you’ll give your business the added protection to ward off burglars.

Don’t let old, worn-out garage doors compromise the security of your business. Contact us today and a member of our dedicated staff will be happy to help you with all your garage door security needs.

Whether it’s a brand new garage door or an updated garage door opener, we’ve got you covered.