Secrets To Fixing A Noisy Lake Forest Garage Door Motor

Secrets To Fixing A Noisy Lake Forest Garage Door Motor

Almost two-thirds of American households have a garage or carport, highlighting their importance in our modern lives. There are many benefits to having a garage, including increased storage space, security, protection from exterior elements, and enhanced curb appeal. A good quality garage door is another key component and requires routine maintenance to ensure that it remains in proper working order.

If your Lake Forest garage door motor is making noise, this blog post is for you. Here, the expert team at Premier Door Corp will highlight practical steps you can take to fix a noisy garage door motor. These include replacing worn-out rollers, lubricating doors and tracks, tightening loose hardware, checking the tracks for debris, and more.

Replace Worn-Out Rollers

The metal rollers in a garage door can become worn down over time, which can result in the door making noise. The fix here is to place the worn-out rollers with new ones (these can be purchased at most hardware stores).

Lubricate Doors and Tracks

A simple fix for a noisy garage door motor is to lubricate it. Spray a lubricant such as WD-40 onto the tracks and doors and then wipe away any excess using a rag. With the reduced friction, any noises from the garage door motor should be quietened.

Tighten Loose Hardware

The nuts and bolts holding a garage door together can become loose over time, which can contribute to noise when it is opened and closed. Periodically, especially if you notice any noise, it is recommended that you use a wrench to tighten all of the hardware in the door.

Check the Track for Debris

Another common cause of garage door motor noise is the presence of debris in the tracks. To fix this issue, use a brush, damp cloth, or a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris that has become lodged. This is another step that should be done periodically to ensure that your garage door remains in proper working order.

Check and Replace the Springs

Another potential source of noise is the torsion springs (if your garage door has them). Over time, these springs can become loose, which results in noise when the door is opened and closed. If this is the issue, it will be necessary to have the springs replaced by a professional.

Advice for Fixing A Noisy Garage Door Motor in Lake Forest

Depending on the cause of the garage door motor noise, either a DIY fix will be possible or professional assistance will be required. If you are unsure how to fix your loud garage door, the team at Premier Door Corp will be able to diagnose the issue and make the necessary repair.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new residential or commercial garage door, or require repair or installation services, we are your premier option. Call a professional today.