Make the Most of Your Garage Space

Make the most of your garage space

Did you know that 25 percent of homeowners don’t have room to park cars in their two-car garage? Only 32 percent have the room for one.

Whether you have this problem or not, you probably wouldn’t mind having more space and organization if your garage is cluttered.

Check out these four garage space saving ideas. The best part is they’re customizable for you and your lifestyle, so the possibilities are endless.

  1. Define a Purpose for Your Space

When it comes to your lifestyle, what do you really use the garage for? Does it fulfill the purpose you’d like it too?

Maybe you want it to multitask as a workspace and a hangout spot for the kids. Maybe you just want it to have the right amount of storage, while also allowing you enough to park your car inside.

Whatever the answer is, finding it helps you find what might need to be done with it.

  1. Utilize Vertical Space

Now that you’ve established a reason, it’s time to start planning. Vertical space is easily the most ignored in a home, but it’s also the most useful.

Build cabinets or install open shelving. Brackets are great to hang bikes from. Pegboards and hooks allow you to get loose tools off the ground or holiday decorations into a place they can stay until they’re actually needed.

Dangerous chemicals can be kept up high off the ground, and you can conceal laundry products behind a cabinet door if you opt for cabinets over open shelving.

  1. Get Creative

If you’re working with limited space, or just have a lot of purposes to fulfill at once, getting creative is certainly encouraged.

For a separate workbench, create a folding one. Hardware stores sell them but creating your own allows you to customize it to whatever your specific needs are. You could add a whiteboard to write on, or a magnetic space to stick loose parts on.

Get a moving cart for tools or other less used items. The cart can easily be placed into another when it’s not in use but is still easily accessible when you need it to be.

  1. Are There Other Storage Areas You Can Utilize?

Think about anything that might be able to go outside or in the backyard. Is there anything that could go back inside?

Placing separate storage units (whether it’s a shed or a cabinet) in spaces can help free the garage of clutter. It’s especially helpful if these separate units can get you closer to the purpose you’ve created for your garage.

Organizing is the Best Solution for Garage Space Saving Ideas

No matter which of these garage space saving ideas you choose to utilize, you should keep it organized.

The garage is often the place things go to be forgotten. Go through all those old tools. Throw out old toys from your children or pets. Clean the garage door while you’re at it. Make sure it doesn’t have any damage and explore other options.

Whether you want to replace your garage door, or just want to learn more utilizing the space, contact us and check out our blog.