Keeping Your Garage Secured: Three Sure Signs You Need Garage Door Repair in Wadsworth

Three Sure Signs You Need Garage Door Repair in Wadsworth

82% of American homes have a two-car garage or larger.

If you are one of them and have been experiencing some strange sights or sounds when opening and closing your doors in Wadsworth, it could be a sign that you require a garage door repair.

Take a look at our short guide to three prevalent problems with garage doors that indicate that something has gone wrong. Discover what signs you need to look out for when operating your garage door.

  1. Opening & Closing Problems

The most obvious sign would be that the door refuses to open or close when you press the button. You should first check that the batteries in the remote are fully charged, but if you find that even after changing them, the door is only partially responsive, it is time to seek expert help in the Wadsworth area.

You may also find that the door is simply slow to respond when you press the button. It should receive the signal and open within one or two seconds. Any longer than this is a sign to repair your garage door.

If the door stops at any point in the process and needs to restart, this is also a sign that you may have a broken garage door.

  1. Lots of Noise

When your garage door opens, it should be mostly silent. If you hear a lot of creaking or grinding of metal, it could signify that something is very wrong.

When repairing your garage door, experts from a local Wadsworth company will look to see if your door has come off its tracks. A door that is off the tracks fully or partially will make a lot of noise as it opens or simply not open at all. This is usually a sign that the door has been damaged in some way.

Noise may also indicate that there are problems with the opener or the door spring. If the noise is coming from the door scraping on the ground the door could be misaligned and will need adjustment.

  1. Sagging

If you have an automatic garage door, you should check it every year to see how it maintains its balance. To do this, you need to unhook it from the motor and slide it halfway open manually. Leave the door at the midway point and watch to see if the door moves.

If it starts opening or closing on its own, you have a problem with the balance that needs looking at by an expert. Do not attempt to repair this problem independently without prior knowledge, as you could end up doing more damage than good.

How To Know When You Need Garage Door Repair in Wadsworth

Use these three tips to help you identify when you need to undertake some garage door repair. Your door should open quickly and smoothly and be responsive to your commands. If it is noisy or slow to respond, you should speak to a professional in the Wadsworth area about having your doors serviced.

If you suspect you may need your garage doors repairing, then please get in touch with us today. Our experts will be able to advise you on how we can help keep your doors in great shape.