Items to Avoid Storing in Your Garage

Items to Avoid Storing in Your Garage

More than 3,370 home burglaries occur yearly. Robbers break into homes through front or back doors but might also break in through a garage door.

Of course, a secure garage door can stop this from happening in many situations. But break-ins are just one problem with worn-out garage doors.

If you have a worn-out garage door, you might want to avoid storing certain things in your garage. At least until you can get the garage door repair or garage door installation, you need to secure the door.


Older garage doors might have leaks, which allow moisture into your garage. Moisture damages clothing, so storing clothes in your garage isn’t a good idea.

Also, leaks in garage doors provide a way for pests to get inside. Pests can also damage clothing.

If you need to store clothing in your garage, you might hire a garage door installation company. A new garage door seals your garage space, reducing the risk of moisture and pests getting inside.

Delicate Electronics

Do you ever put electronics in your garage? If so, you should stop storing electronics in this space.

Again, moisture can enter a garage if you need garage door repair. This moisture can infiltrate your delicate electronics, causing issues.

Electronics cannot handle moisture, as moisture damages the internal parts. Therefore, you should avoid putting phones, computers, or other electronics in this space.

Expensive Items

A new garage door makes your garage and home more secure. However, an outdated door might make it easier for burglars to get inside. You shouldn’t place expensive items in your garage.

A garage benefits a home, providing a place to park your cars. It also provides garage storage space, ideal for many purposes but not for expensive items.

Instead, you should store expensive items in your home, hidden away from sight.


Photos are another item that doesn’t belong in a garage. The photos you own are memories of your life and are likely special to you.

If your photos come in contact with moisture, it will damage them. There are proper ways to store photos, and you might follow those methods instead of putting them in your garage.

Wooden Items

Finally, you should store wooden items in your home instead of your garage. Again, moisture is an enemy of many things, including wood.

For example, when moisture gets into wooden furniture, it warps it. It also causes bowing and swelling. The result is damaged furniture.

Of course, you can reduce the moisture that enters your garage by replacing your old door.

Get Garage Door Installation Services

Having a secure garage door is essential for your home security and the protection of your items. So, you might need garage door repair or garage door installation, depending on your garage door’s condition.

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