How to Prevent Garage Door Spring Accidents

How to Prevent Garage Door Spring Accidents

Did you know that approximately 30,000 people are injured by their garage doors yearly? Garage doors are not commonly thought of as needing maintenance, but, like anything, parts weaken and break over time. What are some ways to reduce breakage and ward off injuries?

Don’t worry! We’ve found all the garage door maintenance tips you need. That way, you can prevent accidents and serious injuries.

Inspect Springs Regularly

Inspecting springs is essential. Like any other mechanism, you’ll want to review your garage door routinely to ensure each component is in good working condition.

After all, inspections can help you notice particular vulnerabilities in your springs that need repair.

That way, you notice them first and can fix the issues before an accident occurs.

Now, it’s important to note that sometimes vulnerabilities are not spotted in the spring itself but rather in how the garage door operates. There may be an underlying spring issue if you notice one or more of the following signs:

  • Your garage door opens before closing again
  • Your garage door will not open at all
  • When it closes, the door is bent
  • When it closes, it does so with much force

Use Springs Designed for Your Garage Door

An excellent way to avoid spring accidents is by using suitable types of garage door springs. You see, different springs have various tension rates. If you have installed the springs, ensure you have the right kind.

If you have the wrong spring type, the tension won’t be regulated and can lead to accidents. Call your local garage door repair specialist if you need assistance installing or repairing the springs.

Get Springs Installed By a Garage Door Professionals

Installing your own garage door isn’t easy. If you incorrectly install the springs or the spring tension is too loose, it can spell disaster.

Rather than do the project yourself, hire a garage door installation team. They will install your garage door and make any necessary repairs promptly and effectively.

Hiring professionals do come at an added cost, but it’s worth it. Think about it this way, do you want to spend money buying the tools and supplies you need only to turn around and spend more money on professionals to undo your mistakes? We think not, so let the garage door professionals handle it.

Prevent Garage Door Spring Accidents Today

Garage door spring accidents happen more than people know. To prevent accidents from occurring, you’ll want to inspect your springs routinely; it can help you notice any weaknesses the spring may have.

Instead of dealing with installation and repair hassles, hire a garage door team. They will install and repair any spring issues; you don’t have to do any work.

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