How Often Should a Garage Door Be Serviced?

How Often Should a Lake Forest Garage Door Technician Service Your Garage Door?

According to the Department of Energy, 63% of American housing units have garages or carports. You likely have a garage yourself, and if you park your car inside, that garage door gets a daily workout.

Like the car you park inside your garage, your door needs regular maintenance and service. This service keeps your door opening and closing and prevents common wintertime issues.

If you’re wondering how often you need to service your garage door, we have the answer for you.

Do Your Check

You use your garage door every day. You should expect that a household item you use that often, especially with so many moving parts, to see wear and tear. Most of us press the button on the garage door opener and leave it until there’s a problem.

That’s not enough. Sometimes there are issues with our garage doors we don’t notice until we need major garage door repair.

Check on your garage door once or twice a month. Listen for any odd noises when it opens and closes. Take a look at your garage door seal. Check to see you can open your door manually.

You do your check because you need to make sure your home is safe. A malfunctioning garage door presents a security issue. Anyone can enter.

A garage door that doesn’t seal flush to the ground can allow water and pests into your home. Do these monthly checks to ensure your safety and to keep abreast of any issues that might require the help of a professional.

Schedule a Check-Up

Your regular checks are an important aspect of garage door maintenance. Given that there are so many moving parts, you may not have the know-how to diagnose certain issues.

Think again about your car. Every 3,000 miles you change the oil. You schedule tune-ups, you change the air filter. Why wouldn’t you do that with something like your garage door?

A trained service technician can diagnose problems with your garage door springs and other garage door parts you might miss. With a trained eye and mechanical know-how, they can catch problems before they arise.

Your service technician will tighten any loose bolts. While you might be able to do it yourself, and you should, your yearly garage door service will also tighten any loose items.

During these yearly service checks, your technician examines your door’s rollers and springs for any warping or bending. They will also lube the tracks to prevent unnecessary wear.

While you can schedule this during any time of the year, it’s best to service your garage in the fall before the weather turns cold.

Service Your Garage Door with an Expert

Your garage door sees more work through the year than many of your household appliances. The last thing you need during the winter months is a malfunctioning garage door. To prevent this, you need a professional to service your door.

Is your garage door broken? Do you need to schedule a maintenance appointment? Contact us today for a free estimate.