Gurnee Garage Door Repair vs. Replacement: Which Do You Need?

Gurnee Garage Door Repair vs. Replacement- Which Do You Need?

Did you know that almost 40% of American homeowners use their garages for storage rather than for parking their vehicles?

No matter what you use your Gurnee garage for, it’s important to keep it well-maintained. If you don’t, then it’s possible that it could break and need repairs. In the worst-case scenario, you may need a whole new garage door.

Are you wondering when you need a repair instead of a replacement?

Fixing a Broken Garage Door

There are two main types of garage door issues, functional and cosmetic. One of the main things you should determine is how severe the damage is. Whether they’re functional or cosmetic damage, minor issues can often be solved easily.

For example, simple issues might include a faulty garage door opener, damage to a single garage door panel, or slight crookedness in the door. These issues can be repaired with batteries, a fresh panel, and a new spring, respectively.

Even moderate damage tends to be easy to fix in the majority of cases. For instance, you may have a door that opens up much slower than it did when it was new.

Aside from the severity of garage door issues, there’s also age to consider. It’s an unfortunate fact that garage doors do not last forever. There are many ways you can take care of them but, sooner or later, problems will crop up.

Getting a New Garage Door

When there’s major cosmetic or functional damage, then it’s time to start thinking about a new garage door. Major damage can often result in your garage door not working at all.

In terms of age, the question of a replacement should be taken into consideration when the garage door is a decade or two old.

There’s also the economic viewpoint to consider. For instance, a garage door may be repairable but the costs of the repairs could be more than a new garage door.

Even if the costs aren’t more than a new one, they could be quite close. At that point, you’ll get more for your money if you spend a bit extra because then the new door will last for another 10 or 20 years, for instance.

Are You Ready to Decide Between Garage Door Repair or Replacement in Gurnee?

Now that you’ve learned all about whether you need a garage door repair or a total replacement, you can make the most informed decision possible. There’s no reason to buy a whole new garage door if you can fix the one you already have, although sometimes it can still be hard to tell.

Premier Door Corp can help you diagnose the problem and suggest the most economical solution. We’ve been the most trusted garage door contractor in the Gurnee area for almost two decades.

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