Garage Door Maintenance: Replacing Panel Sections

Garage Door Maintenance- Replacing Panel Sections

Perhaps your garage door was run into by one of your vehicles? Maybe it’s incurred repeated physical trauma? Whatever the case may be, a few of its panel sections need to be replaced.

What you want to know now is how to replace those sections. How exactly is it done? Replacing panel sections is a key part of garage door maintenance, and we’re going to tell you how to do it below.

Purchase New Panels

First, you are going to have to purchase new panels that can replace the existing ones. Not only do they need to be the same size but the same configuration as well.

If your garage door is relatively new, there should be replacement panels readily available from its manufacturer. If your garage door is on the old side, however, you might have to make some calls, first to the manufacturer and then to an independent garage door repair company.

Remove Existing Panels

Now, you’re going to need to remove the existing panels. Before you do this, make sure that your garage door opener has been unplugged. Then, push the garage door up manually and remove its springs.

Spring removal is imperative, as it will prevent the garage door from crashing down during the replacement. If it crashes down, it could both damage the new panels and cause injury to you.

Next, you’re going to have to undo the panels’ attachments until you’re able to access the affected panel. The panels will slide off the top of the garage door track. The top panel will come off first and the bottom panel will come off last.

Undue the attachments that connect the panels and slide them off the track one at a time. Do this until you’ve removed the damaged panel.

Add New Panels

Now that you’ve removed the affected panels, you can add your new panels. Slide them down the track slowly until they sit against the panel below them. Then, secure their attachments to ensure that they’re locked together.

You can test out their attachments by manually sliding the garage door up and down. Do so carefully and keep a close eye on how the attachments behave.

Reassemble the Door

To end the procedure, you should reassemble the door. Add the springs that were removed previously and plug the garage door opener back in. Once you’ve done this, test the garage door opener to ensure that everything works in harmony.

As long as you secured the attachments adequately, your garage door should work like new. If it’s behaving strangely, call up your local garage door repair company.

Need Help With Garage Door Maintenance?

If you’re unconfident in your ability to replace panels and if you need garage door maintenance in Waukegan IL, we here at Premier Door Corp can help. We’re well-versed in the replacement of panel sections and in garage door care in general.

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