Follow This Step-by-Step Guide on How To Align Garage Door Sensors

Follow This Step-by-Step Guide on How To Align Garage Door Sensors-min

A well-maintained garage can add a lot of value to your property and home. In some cases, it can add as much as $20,000 to your home’s value. An automatic garage door is one such feature that new homeowners find value in.

However, one problem people have is when their garage door sensors stop working as well as they should. Maybe it activates far too late after your car has pulled up or not at all. In that case, you’ll need to realign them.

Why Garage Door Sensor Alignment Matters

The sensors on your automatic garage door are what makes it function. They each let it know when to open and close according to incoming vehicles. Some also function to stop the door from closing on top of someone.

Not knowing how to align sensors on a garage door may result in an accident in the future. Unfortunately, your car insurance may not cover damage caused by your own property. Fixing them will also avoid your garage doors from getting stuck and leaving the space exposed.

How to Align Garage Door Sensors

First, you’ll need to disconnect the power supply to your garage. This is done either by switching them off or tripping the fuse for the entire room. You should also wear protective gloves just in case there’s a lingering charge.

Second, loosen the screws holding the sensors in place. You don’t need to take them all the way out, as you’re not removing the sensors.

Slide the sensors down to the bottom of the mounting bracket. You can do this with your bare hands, but make sure they don’t pop out.

You’ll then need to attach a string from the center of one sensor to the other. The knot should be tied as tight as possible so that it doesn’t droop at all.

Verify that the strings are leveled. If they’re not, then you’ll have to adjust the brackets until it is.

You can re-tighten the screws to keep the sensors where they’re level with one another. Remove the strings once you’ve rechecked that they’re level. Adjust the sensors as needed until they’re good.

Finally, turn on the power again and test your sensors to make sure they work.

If you’re having trouble getting your sensors aligned, then you may need to call in emergency garage door repair. It may be that there’s a problem with the devices themselves rather than their placement.

Maintain Your Garage Door

It’s not difficult to learn how to align garage door sensors. However, not everyone has the right garage door sensor alignment tool or skills to use them. That’s when you call in the experts.

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