Five Reasons to Install Keyless Entry Garage Doors

You could spend an average of 2.5 days every year looking for lost items. One of the most popular things that get lost daily is your keys.

If you want to remove the stress of worrying about lost keys while making it easier to access your home, then consider keyless entry garage doors.

Discover all of the benefits of entering your home with a remote opener or a keypad to your garage.

1. Back-up to Lost Keys

One of the best reasons for a garage door pad and remote is that it is replacing house keys. So, if you forgot your key, lost it while out, or you lent it to a family member, then you have another way to get inside your home.

Simply enter the code on the keypad to open the garage door or keep the remote in your car so you always know where it is.

2. Access for Kids After School

Don’t worry about how the kids will keep track of keys any longer. Instead, give them the pin code to the keyless garage entry.

The children will love to come home to a garage hangout if you add some games, a refrigerator, and an entertainment system. Some garage door systems include video monitoring to see your children as they open the doors.

3. Built-in Security Systems

With a break-in occurring every 23 seconds in the United States, you want to do everything to keep your family safe.

A keyless enter can start improving home safety by giving you secure access to your entry. Even as you approach, they include motion sensors to light your driveway to see your surroundings.

It can be integrated into your security system to let you know of a break-in. Plus, get notified when a door is being opened or closed. Set a timer to close the door at certain times of the day just in case someone has forgotten to close it.

4. Easy to Change the Code

Changing locks used to be a hassle. You would need to call a locksmith, buy a new doorknob, and make copies of new keys.

With a keyless entry, all you need to do is click a button to change the PIN. You could do this if you recently had a break-in, an untrustworthy person finds the code, or you want to regularly rotate the passcode.

5. Share Guest Codes

For a garage that doesn’t directly access your home, you can share keyless entry codes with guests. Your neighbors can borrow gardening tools without having to ask for your keys or wait until you get home.

A garage that is attached to your home can also have guest codes for relatives that visit often. You can know who enters your home with a special code for each person.

6. Choosing a Keyless Entry Garage Doors

There are many types of keyless entry garage doors. You want to find one that includes add-ons like remote access that connects to your smartphone, monitors and alerts of your door activity, and a smooth and durable garage door.

Browse all of our garage door options to see which one works for you.