Don’t Be Scammed by Phony Repairs

One of the biggest inconveniences as a homeowner is having your garage door break. Not only is this annoying, but it can also jeopardize the safety and security of your home.

When something goes wrong with the garage door, you often want it fixed as quickly as possible. However, it’s important to keep an eye out for scammers, who not only won’t fix your door properly, but will also charge you a lot of money.

With over 82 million homes having garage doors, there are bound to be scammers out there.
To avoid phony repairs, there are a few key things you can keep an eye out for.

No Company Representation

If your garage repairman shows up in an unmarked vehicle and isn’t wearing a company uniform, this can be an easy sign that maybe they aren’t legitimate. Most reputable repair services are associated with a company and will indicate this on either their vehicle or their clothing.

No sign of this can be a big red flag, so make sure when your repairman arrives that you know which company you are dealing with.


Out of Range Pricing

Like most services, garage door repair has a typical range for pricing. When choosing who to hire, compare their prices to others you’ve seen on the market. Do your homework and figure out what the typical cost of a service will be.

If the company you are looking to hire has prices way above the normal rate, don’t be afraid to speak up and let them know. This can be a clear sign of someone trying to get more money out of you.

The same applies to a price that is way under the norm. A surprisingly low rate can be a sign that the job won’t be done well, and that the repair likely won’t last, meaning you’ll end up paying more in the long run.


Lifetime Guarantees

At first, hearing the words lifetime guarantee can sound appealing. In reality, though, this is often used by scammers as a way to keep you needing them for repairs.

With many lifetime guarantees, the part needed in the replacement is free, but the labor is not. So, companies will use cheaper parts, and then charge you for replacing them, only to have the part break again not far down the road.

Instead of relying on a lifetime guarantee, try to keep up with preventive garage door maintenance so you won’t need as many repairs.


Learning to Avoid Phony Repairs

If you want to avoid phony repairs, keep an eye out for the above-listed signs, and ask yourself some questions before picking a company.

Does the company have an established business in your area? Can they provide you an estimate before beginning the job? How long have they been in business? Do they have a good rating with the better business bureau?

By asking yourself these questions, you will weed out potential phony businesses and end up saving yourself a headache.
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