Avoid Grayslake Garage Door Repairs: Five Problems Homeowners Encounter

Five Problems Homeowners Encounter

Your garage door is supposed to last more than 25 years on average. Despite that, individual components do break down and can cause problems that might lead to garage door repairs.

If you have garage door issues at your Grayslake home but it hasn’t become broken garage door yet, you might be experiencing one of these five common problems. Let’s learn what’s happening with your garage door and how to solve your issue.

  1. Strange Behavior Opening or Closing

If the door at your Grayslake home seems to be struggling at various points in opening or closing, there are a few different components that can be at play.

There might be debris in the track that causes the motor to work harder, which makes the door slow or jerk. Springs may be broken or weakening, or even the rollers could be wearing out.

This symptom is usually seen along with a noisy garage door.

  1. The Door is Stuck Open or Closed

This is a continuation of the above issue if it isn’t taken care of quickly enough. This means something has likely broken or the door opener has lost lubrication.

The garage door springs cancel much of the weight of the door, so if your opener has been working harder, it might be broken or need more lubrication. Either way, it will need some servicing.

  1. Strange Sounds

On a list of garage door issues, this is one that indicates a serious issue. Repairing your garage door is most likely on the table at this point. You may need professional help in the Grayslake area for the door springs, rollers, door opener, tracks, or all of the above if you hear strange noises.

  1. The Remote Control Isn’t Working

This one might be the easiest one that doesn’t require fixing a garage door directly. Batteries die and remote control buttons eventually wear out.

On the other hand, if you’ve already replaced the remote control or batteries and it’s still not working, you may have a broken garage door opener. There are electronics and sensors inside the garage door opener itself that may be faulty or have shorted.

  1. Opening Automatically After Closing

This garage door issue is likely due to faulty door sensors. This is a vital component that has been necessary since 1990 for good reason. Plain and simple, it saves lives and prevents injury.

This needs replacement as soon as possible.

The Short List of Common Garage Door Problems for Grayslake Homeowners

Keep in mind, this list of garage door problems is only highlighting some of the most common ones we encounter in the Grayslake area. There are dozens of other ways and components that could wear out during the 25 years of your garage door’s lifetime.

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