A Quick Guide to Childproofing Your Garage from Our Pleasant Prairie, WI Residential Garage Door Professionals

A Quick Guide to Childproofing Your Garage from Our Pleasant Prairie, WI Residential Garage Door Professionals

Is your garage door safe for everyone in the family?

Whether you’re a new parent, or a family moving into a new home in Pleasant Prairie, child safety should be a top priority in your mind. Children are curious by nature, and sometimes it can put them in danger.

While you might not give it much thought, your residential garage door can cause a hazard. You cannot forget your door, but you might not know what measures you can take to make sure it’s childproof.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below, is a quick guide to garage security when it comes to keeping your children safe.

Check Your Garage Door Safety

The first step is to make sure your garage door passes the safety test. It should be easy to open and close, without the risk of it slipping or falling.

Here are some tips on how to prevent a garage door from falling, causing serious injury, or even fatality:

  • Don’t try to enter or let anyone enter while the door is in motion.
  • Each month do a reversal and balance test.
  • Make sure everyone in the house knows how the emergency release works and where it is.
  • Make sure you’re doing your routine garage door maintenance to find and fix issues early.

You also want a secure garage door opener switch that’s out of your children’s reach. It’s a good idea to get a garage security system, preferably one with a smart garage door security sensor. Security garage doors make controlling your opening and closing easier and safer.

Keep Toxic or Flammable Items Safe and Secure

The last thing you want is children getting into toxic or flammable substances. Make sure you’re storing these items somewhere you keep them out of the easy reach of children.

If possible, you should use a secure lockbox or cabinet to keep these items in. It will ensure the most amount of safety possible for all the people in your Pleasant Prairie home.

Keep Tools Safe and Secure Too

Make sure you’re keeping destructive and sharp objects out of the reach of children and you’re using proper garage organization for the items you store. These include items like:

  • Nails
  • Hammers
  • Saws
  • Drills

When it comes to ladders, you don’t want your children using your garage as a climbing frame. It can lead to serious harm from falls. Secure any ladders to the wall if you can’t prevent access completely.

Make Sure Vehicles Are Childproof

Never leave your keys in the car, or leave the car unlocked. Little, curious hands can open doors and climb inside, causing potential hazards.

You shouldn’t give your car keys to your children either or let them have any access. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s best to double-check you’ve locked everything up and secured it away.

Install Garage Door Security Locks

If your garage door leads right from inside your house, you want to control that access. You must secure it with garage door security locks to make sure your children can’t get in there at will.

There are many different types, from the standard lock and key to one that needs a code entered into a keypad. Either way, security should be a priority, and this is one access point you shouldn’t ignore.

Garage Security with Children in Pleasant Prairie: Make it a Priority

With these security tips, you’ll be sure to keep everyone in your family safe.

Make sure anything toxic, flammable, and sharp is high up or secured away into a secure cabinet. Keep your vehicle locked and safe and consider garage door security locks.

If you’re looking to upgrade your garage security in the Pleasant Prairie area, contact us today. We’ve got the solutions for all your garage door needs and desires.