If you need new or replacement garage doors for your home or business, now is the time to call Premier Door Corp. It is essential to have functioning automatic garage doors wherever you live. We know that overhead doors do not last forever, and will all need replacing eventually, but investing in a quality door can go a long way.

Now could not be a better time to invest in those new or replacement garage doors. In Waukegan, residential garage doors are essential to your peace of mind as a homeowner or a business owner.

Despite their simple look, garage doors are very sophisticated pieces of machinery and installation should not be attempted by just anyone. At Premier Door Corp., we have been installing commercial garage doors and residential garage doors in Waukegan for two decades. You will be very satisfied with how your overhead door installation turns out when you work with us.

Purchasing Your Garage Doors with Us

Installed correctly, a quality-made garage door will last you for decades. You want to be sure you make the right decision for your home or business when it comes to buying the right door for you. Remember, overhead garage doors today are nothing like they used to be. To get the best garage door for your Waukegan home or business, start with Premier Door Corp.

Don’t Be Fooled by Online Promises

There are so many websites available where you can view the latest garage door models and even order them online. DO NOT make this mistake. Every garage door is different, and it takes a qualified person to come out and measure the size, shape, headroom and side clearance, so your overhead door will be the perfect fit. Waukegan residential garage doors vary in price, but it is essential that you take the steps to measure every aspect, because every door needs to be precisely fitted.

New Garage Door Openers

If you are buying a new garage door, go ahead and purchase a new opener, as well. Residential garage door openers will be a brand-new addition, so you do not have to worry about your old one quitting any time soon. At Premier Door Corp. we can also outfit your business with Waukegan commercial garage door openers as well.

Professional Installation

You may think you will be saving money, but when things go wrong, and you need to call in the experts, your savings just went out the window. Unless you are familiar with all the parts that come with installing a new overhead garage door, and you have super arm strength for springs and coils, not to mention the specialist tools that go with them, have a professional installer replace your garage door.

At Premier Door Corp., we bring your new door, haul away the old and have everything working perfectly in just one day. Worry-free.

Do Online Research

Our expert professionals have installed many a garage door, and we know exactly how they should look and perform, but we still understand that most people want to do online research before making a large purchase such a new door. There are many sites online that allow you to upload a photo of your garage and then play around with door styles, colors, and hardware. Browse until you find what you really like, print it out, then call us. We can go from there and find the perfect fit for you.

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Installation

Whether you need a new door for new construction, or a replacement door, we service and install both residential and commercial overhead garage doors in Waukegan. There is nothing like a safer, upgraded model of garage door, and you can rely on us for the best quality job the first time.

From residential garage doors to commercial garage door openers, we have everything you need when you are searching for the latest overhead garage doors. Our commercial garage doors are only installed by licensed, insured experts in Waukegan who know all there is to know about functional workspaces and how crucial they are to your business.

Proudly Serving Waukegan

From the variety of festivals that run throughout the year, to the beautiful downtown area, Waukegan is a great place to call home. The largest city in one of Illinois’ most beautiful counties, Waukegan is draws visitors from all around wanting to see Lake County and picturesque Lake Michigan. If you are one of the residents of this great city, then take advantage of Premier Door Corp.’s residential and commercial garage door installation and repair services.

Premier Door Corp. also serves all of the northeastern Illinois area. We have been in the business of installing garage doors for two decades, and our customers can tell you how well we work. That is the beauty of a small village like Waukegan; small businesses that are family-run are your best bet for the best in customer service and true value.

Our prices are always reasonable, and we never leave a job until you are completely satisfied. Premier Door Corp. is the best place to call when you are in need of:

Whatever your problem, let our experts handle it. Some home jobs that are great for the DIYers but changing out your garage doors is not one of them. Too many pieces and not enough experience can lead to a disaster that will irritate you every single time you try to enter or leave your garage, so let the experts handle it instead. Do not make things a danger for yourself, call Premier Door Corp. today in Waukegan, IL. If you live anywhere in northeastern Illinois, you are never too far away for us to install a new garage door for you.