Signs Your Existing Garage Door Is Hazardous To Your Family

Signs Your Existing Garage Door Is Hazardous To Your Family

If you are like many homeowners, you may not pay much attention to your garage door as long as it seems to be working well and is not causing your family any problems. However, it is very important to know the signs that your existing garage door is potentially hazardous to your family.

Read on to learn about four signs your existing garage door or its components are dangerous so you can take steps to have your door repaired or replaced to keep your family safer.

You Have an Outdated Garage Door Opener

If you have a garage door opener that was manufactured before 1993, then it may not be equipped with an important safety device now required by the CPSC, or Consumer Product Safety Commission, in all garage doors manufactured during and after that year.

This feature is an automatic reverse function (also called an external entrapment protection system) that causes the door to stop closing and begin opening if someone were to step under it or an object is detected in its path by special sensors.

However, even if you have a door opener that has these sensors, garage door opener technology has come a long way in recent years, and many new openers have features that make it more difficult for intruders to break into your garage.

For example, many of today’s new garage door openers are equipped with rolling code technology. This technology resets your garage door code every time you operate it, which can keep burglars with hi-tech equipment called “code grabbers” from hacking into your garage door opener and opening it with just the push of a button.

Your Garage Door Springs Are Worn

It is important to inspect your garage door springs often to ensure they are in good condition. If you see signs of wear, such as rust, corrosion, or gaps in the springs, then those are signs that you should have them replaced by a professional. Garage door springs are under a lot of tension, and if one were to “snap” on its own due to wear and tear, it could cause serious injury.

Don’t try to replace worn garage door springs on your own, because even the act of replacing these springs is dangerous. Always contact an experienced professional any time you notice garage door spring wear to have them replaced ASAP.

Your Garage Door Has No Safety Cables

There are two types of garage door springs: extension springs and torsion springs. If your garage door is equipped with extension springs, then it is very important to ensure your door is also equipped with safety cables.

Safety cables help ensure that if an extension spring were to break, it would not project through the air with extreme force and cause serious injury.

Your Garage Door Is Unbalanced

If you notice signs that your garage door is unbalanced, then this is not just a nuisance, but a hazard to your family. Not only can an unbalanced garage door in the “open” position come crashing down at virtually any time, but unbalanced doors can close unevenly and leave a gap between the door and the ground; this can lead to them being broken into much more easily than balanced garage doors.

Common signs of an unbalanced garage door include a door that leans to one side, that is difficult to open and close, or that simply will not open with your door opener.

An unbalanced door can cause wear and tear on your entire garage door system, including your door opener, tracks, and other parts. This makes it important to have an unbalanced garage door repaired as quickly as possible before it harms your family or the rest of your garage door system.

If you notice any of these signs that your garage door is hazardous to your family, then contact Premier Door Corp for expert advice and garage door repair or replacement.

How Can You Upgrade Your Garage Door

How Can You Upgrade Your Garage Door?

Your garage door says a lot about your home. If it’s fresh, clean and new looking, it says that you care. But if it’s chipped, cracked or hung unevenly, it’s more than unattractive — it’s potentially dangerous. Creating an eyesore or a risk magnet won’t exactly give your house that special sense of curb appeal that you’re going for.

Garage door replacements are more cost-effective than many other home improvement projects. With an average 85 percent cost recoup figure, you can get more than a fair return on the money you spend. If you’re considering selling your home, this is an upgrade to make. That said, it isn’t always financially feasible to do a full garage door replacement.

What happens when your door has seen better days but your home improvement budget doesn’t have room for a brand-new one? Take a look at some of the ways that you can improve the way your door looks and works without a full replacement.

Paint Recover

This is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your garage door. It’s a cosmetic fix that can also help to protect your door now and in the future. If you have a wood door, worn, chipped or cracked paint lets the moisture and elements in. Of course , that doesn’t mean the rain or snow is getting into your home. Instead, it means that moisture has access to the wood of the door itself.

Why is it important to protect your door? Without paint or some sort of moisture-tight seal, the wood underneath can rot or break down over time. If you have a door that’s constructed from man-made materials, this isn’t as serious as it is for homeowners who have wooden garage doors.

Hiring a pro to paint your door can give you the peace of mind that you need. It can also save you time and money. Even though it may seem cheaper to do it yourself, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up spending more in the long run. An improperly painted door may need a touch-up or recoat job. If you spend money (and your time) on a DIY paint job and then have to call a professional, you increase your overall costs.

Paint Makeover

Whether you have chips and cracks or your garage door is just too bland for your tastes, choosing a new color can completely transform the look of your home. This can brighten your home, add to the existing décor or pull together a whole-home color palette.

Consider matching your new garage door color with other accent points (such as shutters or the entry door). Or, you could go in the opposite direction. If the rest of your house is fairly neutral, a bold garage door color will stand out and grab everyone’s attention.

Indoor Upgrades

Even though people walking by your home can’t see the upgrades you make inside, anyone who comes in can. This is important if you’re thinking about or are in the process of selling your house. Not only will upgrades make the interior look better, but they give you a safer door that will last longer.

Never attempt to repair or replace the interior components of a garage door yourself. The pros know how to handle the garage door mechanism in a safe way.

Basic repairs that a garage door pro can do for you include replacing cables, repairing broken springs, replacing rollers and making sure that the door is balanced.

Do you need a professional to help you improve the way your garage door looks and works?  Premier Door Corp can help.

Garage Door Materials and What Best Suits Your Needs

Garage Door Materials and What Best Suits Your Needs

The material you choose for your garage door must be informed by several factors including weather, whether or not you intend to insulate your garage and how long you want to keep the door. You also must put into consideration the primary uses of your garage. If you install an automatic door, ensure your service provider adheres to safety standards prescribed by the government. Here are the most common options.


Wood has a natural look, is affordable and is easy to work with. Wooden garage doors also offer flexibility and an abundance of design options. You can stain your garage door to achieve a customized look that compliments your home’s exteriors. Wood is also an architecturally accurate option if you are looking for earthy, historical, or rustic themes.

The main downside when using a wooden garage door is the upkeep that comes with that choice. Wooden doors require regular sanding, repainting and refinishing. Without proper maintenance, they can absorb moisture and rot. Wood is also expensive.


Steel garage doors are a popular choice for busy home owners because it requires little or no maintenance. Since steel is ductile, a designer can work on varying panel styles to customize your design. It is also easy to experiment with colors with steel doors to enhance the appearance. The price is fair making it a more economical option if you are on a tight budget.

The primary concern for steel doors is a wide variation of prices and quality. Poor quality steel doors have less insulation and can increase your energy bills. It is, therefore, paramount that you work with an expert to ensure a seller does not dupe you into buying an inferior material.


The Good
Modern vinyl comes with customized colors and finishes, which allows you to add a personal look to your home. You can get one that will give you a wooden look without the challenges associated with wood. Vinyl requires minimal maintenance, is rust resistant, and durable, which saves you money in the long term. And although it is more expensive than steel, vinyl is a more affordable than aluminum and wood. One of the biggest pluses for a vinyl garage door is the fact that you can buy one with internal insulation, which improves your home’s energy efficiency.

Before you settle for a vinyl garage door, it is important to understand that you will not be able to change its color as you would a wooden door. If you are one to alter the colors of your exterior regularly, it is not for you. Also, if you buy one without insulation, it is hard to maintain consistent temperatures in your garage.


If you plan to install your garage door yourself, aluminum is an excellent choice because it is lightweight and easy to install. A contractor will also take less time to install it, which can save you labor costs. It also puts less strain on other parts such as the door opener and torsion spring. The results are fewer maintenance costs. Aluminum does not rust, and its non-corrosive nature makes it superb for coastal and wet areas. It is eco-friendly, recyclable, paintable, and you can emboss it with a stylish, customized texture.

The major drawback for aluminum is that is bends and can dent easily. If you live in a place with frequent hail storms, high winds or have a lot of children playing around, there is a high probability your garage door will get dents.

Choosing a garage door should not be an arduous task. It boils down to your needs. If for example, you are looking for authenticity, wood would be a good choice. If low maintenance is a priority for you, try steel. If you are seeking assistance on what best suits your space, garage doors operating systems, or repairs, visit Premier Door Corp or check their website for plenty of options and expert advice.