If you are looking for a great way to enhance the beauty of your home, then remember what positive impact new garage doors can provide. Residential garage doors are an excellent way to make a stunning first impression and bring out the best in your home.

Along with being very affordable, there are so many styles, options, and colors available in new or replacement garage doors these days that by choosing wisely, you can ensure that a new garage door will complement your home.

At Premier Door Corp., we are responsible for Lake Villa garage door installations all around town, and we can help you find the right doors to give your property a boost.

Garage doors are an essential part of your home. Old garage doors, or ones that do not quite close properly, or sit at quirky angles, take away from your home’s aesthetic appeal. They also detract from the marketability and value of your property.

When you are in need of garage door installation in Lake Villa, IL, you will want to call Premier Door Corp. It does not matter if you are looking for a new door or a replacement residential garage door, we make sure whatever you choose is right for you.

Replacing Your Overhead Garage Door

There are benefits to replacing your garage doors and ensure that your home looks great. Here are four reasons you will want to look into a Lake Villa residential garage door installation:

#1: Increase the Value of Your Home

Today’s garage doors are nothing like the ones available from years past. Now, you have your choice of finishes, colors, and design elements; all created to make your home look classy and distinctive.

Did you know that a Lake Villa residential garage door installation is a great way to a quick improvement that everyone notices? Especially if you are getting ready to sell your home, you will want it to look its very best. Potential buyers love the look of everything new, and replacement overhead garage doors will make the best possible impression.

If you are not moving, Lake Villa garage door installations are one of the smartest ways to improve the look of your home. Our Hormann Garage Door Collections offer you models such as Timberlast, Gemini, Titan, Polaris, Aries, Orion, and Phoenix. Here you will find styles and colors for every taste.

#2: Safety Upgrade

New and replacement garage doors ensure that your home and its possessions are always safe and secure. Older garage doors may have panels that fall off or do not close properly anymore, making it too easy for anyone to get onto your property, especially when you are not there.

Current safety standards require protection against injury for new garage door openers, too. Technology has only made garage doors better over time, and there have been great improvements made in how garage doors operate.

Did you know that thieves often target garage doors to gain entry to your house because they are so easy to manipulate? Do not let this happen to you! A Lake Villa residential garage door installation will help ensure that no one gets inside your property and that everything inside stays right where it belongs.

#3: We Have What You Want

We offer residential garage doors in Lake Villa, constructed from wood, steel or anodized aluminum. You can also choose from a range of insulated doors. Each new garage door has optional hardware such as locks and handles that allow you to adjust the fittings, style, and color of your new doors so that they blend in perfectly with the exterior of your home.

With all the materials available, your replacement garage doors will be a great new addition to your home’s exterior.

#4: Commercial Garage Doors in Lake Villa

At Premier Door Corp., we also offer commercial garage door installation in Lake Villa. If your company has overhead doors that are a vital part of your everyday operations, you will want to ensure they do not stop working for you. When your business depends on how well equipment works, you want to know that everything delivers to, and ships from your location without any hitches.

Our Lake Villa commercial garage door installations are always available to you. We have expert technicians who are licensed and ready to install your new or replacement commercial overhead garage doors. When you need commercial garage doors in a hurry, be sure to give Premier Door Corp. a call. As with our residential garage doors, we offer you the same quality customer service and commitment to get the job done.

Outstanding Customer Service for Lake Villa

An outdoorsmen’s paradise, Lake Villa is a picturesque town located in Northern Lake County. Whether you enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, or any fun you can have on the glacial lakes, Lake Villa is the place to go for the water sport enthusiast.

Premier Door Corp. has been a part of Northeastern Illinois for two decades, and we know our customers. From installing garage doors, to garage door repairs, we will take care of it all for you. If you are a homeowner or run a business, Premier Door Corp. is right here in Lake Villa to serve your overhead garage door needs.

We offer competitive, reasonable rates on everything we do, and our products and services are of the highest quality. We know just what to do for your residential or commercial overhead garage doors that need repairs, have stopped working, or require immediate replacement. All of our clients are shown the same courtesy and goodwill, whoever they are and wherever they live.

At Premier Door Corp., our Lake Villa residential or commercial garage door installation services are ready for you today. Find out more by giving us a call right now. Our work is always of the highest quality, and we are totally reliable.