Have you ever pushed the button for your garage door to open, and nothing happens? At Premier Door Corp., we have seen just about every reason why your residential or commercial garage doors will not open. There is usually a simple enough explanation as to why you may be needing overhead garage door repairs, though some of the garage doors in Gurnee have managed to surprise us!

When your garage doors fail to open, or possibly starts to work and then and stops again, there are quite a few possible reasons for the fault. Knowing what is wrong is your first step to getting it fixed; but, often there is no clear signal as to what the problem is. This is why you need to call Premier Door Corp. for any Gurnee overhead garage door repair.

Why Are My Garage Doors Not Opening?

There are several reasons why your residential or commercial garage doors fail to operate correctly. Here are six common causes:

The Garage Door is Locked

This happens more often than you think. If your garage doors are locked, they will not engage to open when you want them to. Usually, someone has turned the handle on the garage door and locked it by mistake. Sometimes children turn the handle as they pass by. This is an easy fix, but other causes may not be so simple to repair.

Something Lodged in the Garage Door Track

It could be that a broom or shovel might have found its way onto the door track, preventing the door from working as it should. We see things like this when we come out for commercial garage door repairs. Blocks can be repaired easily enough, but when the track itself is damaged, this can prevent the overhead doors from opening smoothly. Anything can cause a problem with garage door tracks, including debris such as dirt, a piece of trash, or a pebble.

Door Tension Springs are Broken

Occasionally one of the garage door springs will break. When a spring breaks, it sounds like a gun or a firecracker going off. Springs have finite life spans and can only perform a certain number of times before they wear out.

At Premier Door Corp. we receive a lot of calls for broken springs, and if this is your problem, give us a call right away. If you have a broken spring, DO NOT attempt to open the door, as it can be dangerous. Only someone with experience repairing an overhead garage door spring and has the proper tools for the job, should be fixing it.

The Overhead Door is Off its Track

If the door is off its track, there is no way you will get it to work properly. You can check for bumps, gaps, obstacles, or cracks along the track. Does the door slide smoothly? Is there any noise or squeaking when it rises or closes? Does the door slow down in a certain spot, or stop altogether? A Gurnee residential garage door repair can be several different things, and we would want to work out exactly what is happening with your door.

Photo-Eye Blocked

The photo-eye is a safety feature that is designed to stop the door when it detects motion. It consists of two sensors located on each side of the garage doors about 6 inches from the ground. One sensor sends a laser beam to the other sensor, and if there is anything in the way, such as a small child or your big dog, the door will not close. Sensors can be triggered by dust or dirt and other obstructions. Always check to see that the sensors are working when you close your doors.

Garage Door Cables Snapped

When a spring breaks, the cables that run alongside the garage door will often break as well. These cables need to be replaced along with the springs, but this is a job for professionals like Premier Door Corp. Whether you need Gurnee commercial garage door repairs or residential repairs, this type of repair is best left to the professionals. Garage doors tend to be bulky and extremely heavy when not running smoothly.

Servicing the Gurnee Community

You know how busy a place like Gurnee, IL is every day. Between places like Gurnee Mills, Six Flags Great America, the Gurnee School District, shopping malls, churches, and every small business in the village itself, there are a lot of cars on the roads every day.

Most of those cars, trucks, and SUVs need a garage to sit in when the day is done. If your garage doors are older or worn, instead of endless repairs or hoping they will work for you the next time you drive home, why not invest in brand-new overhead garage doors from Premier Door Corp.

Garage doors that do not work properly are a hazard to you and your family. New garage doors will enhance the look of your home, and you have the choice of many makes and models.

There is no reason to drive out of town when you need Gurnee residential garage door repairs. We are located right in Gurnee, and you will want to take advantage of Premier Door Corp.’s garage door repairs to ensure that your garage doors are always running smoothly.

When you need your residential garage door repaired, or commercial garage door repairs, just give us a call. At Premier Door Corp. in Gurnee, we are highly qualified for whatever problem you are encountering, and we are ready to serve you.